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About Our Company
Gotthard Partners AG is an investment advisor based in Switzerland. Our focus is to help entrepreneurs, families, foundations as well as private individuals to sustain their wealth by delivering holistic advice beyond the scope of traditional wealth management.

Committed to serve are not just words. We truly value our clients and we listen. Gotthard Partners uniquely combines the benefits of a client-focused independent advisor with the professionalism and footprint of an international institutional asset manager.

Sustaining family wealth deserves the greatest attention. A seasoned globally minded and multilingual team with diverse financial industry backgrounds created Gotthard Partners Ltd. in 2009, which is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. We are proud to count over 170 international families as our clients. Among our main partners and custodians banks are Credit Suisse, UBS, Zurich Cantonal Bank, Bank Vontobel, VP Bank (please see Custodian Banks)

Regulated and approved by PolyReg, PolyAsset and AML Revisions Ltd.
Board of Directors
Sam Harsch, Chairman
Reinhard Suhner
Michal Pechr

Sam Harsch
Philipp Fürer
Rainer A. Bussmann
Herbert Bieri
Roman C. Ziegler

Regulatory Organizations