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Our Services
Our success is based on the success of our clients. For sustainable and suitable investment decisions it is essential to identify your risk tolerance, your objectives, your time horizon and constraints.
Investment solutions
Broad diversification reduces the overall risk in terms of variability of expected returns. Important financial decisions have to be made in the context of your overall wealth: What is the overall risk exposure of your financial assets? Is it in line with your risk tolerance? What is your overall expectation on the performance? What are the management costs and how can they be reduced? We also establish full cost transparency with all third party providers and consequently do not depend on incentives.

With a discretionary mandate, after specifying your overall strategy and investment expectations, you delegate the day-to-day management of your assets to us. Each discretionary mandate is based on a strategic asset allocation built on three parameters: geography, currency and your preferred investment strategy (determined among other things by your personal expectations). Our international portfolios are designed to help you benefit from a geographical, currency and issuer diversification.

We are a conservative investor with a long-term investment horizon who invests in companies with solid management and sound finances. We are able to create and implement practical tax-efficient strategies that balance family priorities and support charitable goals.
We help our clients understand and reduce the costs of all their investments, both visible and hidden
Cost savings and tax filings
We tackle head on the problem of lack of cost transparency that leads to high investing costs and help our clients negotiate best-in-class fee structures. We aim to reveal the true picture of where you are spending your money, understand whether the expenditure adds value and whether it’s level is justifiable and if necessary, act to reduce it.

Lower costs also stands for higher returns at no additional investment risk. Gotthard Partners is uniquely placed to help you understand and reduce your costs: we have the specialist information, tools and resources that a single investor can hardly replicate. Our business principles and fee structure mean that our interests are fully aligned with yours.

Our mission is to make investing more transparent and having investment costs under control. Gotthard Partners provides transparency and an unbiased view of your portfolio costs and efficiency. We are maintaining a service level agreement with all our partner banks. Part of these agreements also are special fee structures from which all our clients benefit. We also make sure that our clients get the correct documents to easily file their tax returns required by domestic or international investors. Being tax compliant in todays complex world is a daunting task.
Statistically a new foundation is founded in Switzerland every single day. Over 13’000 foundations are based and headquartered in Switzerland exceeding CHF 70 billion in assets
Among the core competences Gotthard Partners AG is also managing foundations for our national and international clientele. Our commitment to serve and be evolved is genuine. We are always determined to deliver value to our clients.